Phase 2 renovation project progress photos
Restoration of roof aand north side elevation, with new security lighting and upper lounge kitchenette progress pictures

Mission statement 2018
Mission statement

Guides, brownies and Rainbows

War graves and Memorial Inscriptions
List of official war graves and of memorial inscription to the fallen of two wars

Phase 1 renovation project progress photos
Restoration progress pictures

list of people with grave memorial inscription but no burial record

175th Aniversary celebrations
details of our 175th anniversary events

template for Book of Remembrance conversion

Readings for Sunday and Tuesday services

Spring Fair
2012 poster

Parish Boundary
map of parish

Aerial View
St George satalite view

Fair Trade Dates
dates of Fair Trade events

Quiz Night
Quiz Night Advert

Parents and Todlers

Guides, brownies and Rainbows

Do you live in the Parish
List of streets in Parish