Meet St George's People


St. George's is currently in vacancy (has no fixed vicar).

The Revd Penny Warner and her husband, the Revd David Warner, Vicar of Mossley, have now moved (February 2022) to their new Diocese, the Diocese of Norwich.

The teams and communities at St.George's, in both Stalybridge and Mossley, wish Revd Penny and Revd David a fond farewell. We all appreciate their hard work, commitment, friendliness and understanding in the parishes over the last several years, and congratulate them on their continued advancement, and onward journeys.

Penny was licensed as Vicar of St George's on 26th January 2020 having formerly been Vicar of St Nicholas, Newchurch and curate at St Elisabeth's, Reddish. She was formed for the priesthood at the College of the Resurrection, Mirfield. Penny grew up in Hertfordshire, before moving to the Diocese in 2007.

Mrs Valerie Fallows
Mrs Gillian Cotton

(contact details for the wardens are on the home page)

Deputy Wardens
Mrs Christine Crabtree
Mrs Janet Vidler
Mrs Rose Hayward

Deanery Synod Representatives
Mrs Jean McManus
Mrs Karen Watkins
Mrs Joyce Hansell

Mr Michael Davies

Elected members
Mrs Lynn Moon
Mrs Sylvia Barratt
Mr Derek Redeyoff
Mrs Alicia Harris
Mr David McManus
Mrs Sarah Dentith
Mrs Karen Wright
Mrs Caroline Hansell

Safeguarding Officer
Mrs Karen Watkins