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Phase 2 renovation project progress photos



Following many years of repairs, we have finally started the total renovation of our 176 year old Roof and Gutters. In phase one we renovated the south elevation which involved dismantling and rebuilding the whole of the parapet and relining the gutter, replacing all the rainwater fittings and providing a gutter overflow system. In phase two we are similarly renovating the whole north elevation plus repairing and reslating the main roof. We are also updating the whole of out security light systrem, and installing a new kitchenette in the upper lounge. This work could not have been carried out without the help of a £250,000 grant from the 'National Lottery Heritage Fund'  for which we are very grateful. You can see the scope of the task in the following pictures.

Start of the renovation - a 20 week project

North side roof at the start of stripping the old slates and refelting

South side roof stripped and refelted

South side slating started

And slating completed - we have half a new roof!

Before the work could be started on the northside parapet and gutter there had to be scaffolding inside church, and the Font and the Organ had to be protected
North side was then stripped and felted

Parapet and gutter work being renovated and reslating started

And so we have a new roof, good for the next 100 years



Meanwhile the emergency lighting and lower lounge lighting has been upgraded to the latest LED units

                             from                                                                                                  to












with new emergency lighting in the upper lounge, in church 














and on the fire escape.














The slating work is now complete and new downspouts fitted. The last of the pointing is finished and at long last we have a new and water-tight roof

At the same time, the upper lounge has been reordered by removing a redundant bar and dumb waiter and installing a new kitchenette. This work is now completed and both lounges have been equiped with new chairs and tables.

                          Before                                                                         After                        











The new Kitchenette













With many grateful thanks to the National Lottery Heritage Fund and our generous congregation  











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