Burials, Inscriptions and Transcripts

St George Stalybridge
Family History

The Burial Registers of both Old and New St George, and the Records of Old St George Memorial Inscriptions have been transcribed by Mr George Clark of Stalybridge.

[The numbers in the Burial Register surname index columns refer to an entry number or numbers later in that Burial Register]

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For Old St George 

 (Note records marked * have an entry in the memorial Inscription file )



(records are missing for burials between 1/2/1846 and 26/7/1850 but there are 46 additional entries at the end of the Memorial Inscriptions which refer to dates in that period ) 

Memorial Inscriptions  

                         Transcribed Births, Marriages and Deaths

For New St George                                                                                                          

                         Burials-From 2002           

                                         Transcribed Births, Marriages and Deaths


New St George’s Burial Surname Index      

New St George's Graveyard Plan                

New St George's Garden of Remembrance  

Aerial View of Graveyard via Google Earth                                                                

New St George's Headstone Photos                      (New Addition 2018)            


New St George's Memorial Inscriptions

                North West(Green) zone    Rows RB4 to RB22

            North East (Yellow) zone   Rows RB23 to RB35

                South West(White) zone   Rows R1 to R12

                South East (Blue) zone     Rows R14 to R37 and Garden of Remembrance


Surname Index of MI's for people buried elsewhere 

War graves and Memorial Inscriptions


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