St George's Church


Two into One Will Go

A History of the Parish of St George, Stalybridge

A history of Old and New St George's and their eventual formation into one parish was written by a former Vicar, Paul Denby. It is called "Two into One Will Go".

Canon Denby has generously agreed for this online version of his book to be available on our web site. In making use of this material Canon Denby's authorship should be acknowledged.

At present this is only in a text version. There are plans to include the photographs from the original text.

(click a chapter to read it)
Chapter 1   Early days and land search
Chapter 2   Two churches and a mill
Chapter 3   The growing community
Chapter 4   Isaac Newton France
Chapter 5   1846 - 1850
Chapter 6   The Leeson era
Chapter 7   1870 - 1900
Chapter 8   1900 - 1936
Chapter 9   Wood, windows and silver
Chapter 10 1936 - 1957
Chapter 11 1957 - 1971
Chapter 12 1971 - 1980
Chapter 13 1980 - 1987
Chapter 14 And where to now ...



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