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Welcome to St George’s built in 1840  to replace the Chapel on Cocker Hill, (referred to as 'Old St George's).

We hope this guide will be of interest to you as you walk around the building, pointing out some of the beautiful and interesting features to be enjoyed here.

A more detailed guide is available in the book written by a former vicar of St George’s Canon Paul Denby “Two into One will Go”. Contact us for more information. 












1776, July 5th - The first Chapel built on Cocker Hill for those who could not easily reach the church of  St Michael in Ashton. Consecrated as the “Chapel of St George in Staley Bridge within Ridgehill and Lanes in the Parish of Ashton Underlyne” The plan had an octagonal shape.

1778, May 15th - The chapel falls down

1780, March - Cocker Hill Chapel rebuilt

1840 - New St George’s built and dedicated on 24th June 1840

1877, February 12th - major landslip occurs on Cocker Hill

1881 - Balconies removed at the New church

1882 - Old St George’s Chapel closes

1888, March 21st - Old St George’s re-opens

1890, 50th Anniversary - Reredos added behind High Altar and the lower section of the main window (which showed the four Gospel writers) was moved to create the Evangelists’ window

1967 - Old St George’s closes

1967 - First service at the united benefice of St George

1968 - Old St George’s demolished

1976 - Interior wall built to provide community rooms with upstairs dance floor

1976, June 12th - Dedication of New Rooms

2015/6 - Some pews removed for access for the disabled


We hope that you enjoy visiting our church which has been a place of worship since 1840.

As you walk around, we invite you to reflect on this sacred place; the stories it tells and the communities it has served and continues to do so now.

You may wish to sit quietly, to pray, or to light a candle.

If you have enjoyed your visit, and would like to make a donation to the life and work of St George’s, please do so. The work goes on. Thank you.

©St Georges 2019-23


Working clockwise from the west end (main entrance)...

  (click on links to see a photo)

  1 Main Entrance to Church and Tower

  2 Entrance to Community rooms

  3 Vicars of St George’s

  4 Crèche with painted walls

  5 Choir Vestry

  6 Plaque in memory of Colin Wilson

  7 Kitchen

  8 Toilets (gents)

  9 Toilets (ladies and disabled)

10 Wardens of St George’s plaque

11 Entrance to the worship area

12 Altar from Old St George’s Cocker Hill

13 Book of Remembrance

14 New Banner of St George

15 Monday’s Children’s Service Banner

16 Baptism window “Feed my Lambs

17 Angel Font

18 Paschal candle

19 Memorial to the First Lay Reader, Mr Alfred Wright

20 Nave Altar (dedicated to various people)

21 Credence Table

22 Sanctuary

23 Choir stalls

24 Three manual organ built by Renn and Wadsworth

25 High altar

26 East window with scenes from the life of Christ

27 Mothers’ Union Flag (New St George)

28 Aumbry (dedicated to Alice Brierley and Harry Wright)

29 Mothers’ Union Flag (Old St George)

30 Votive Candle Stand

31 Lady Chapel (with altar given by H Revell and Sons 

32 Evangelists’ Window (Matthew, Mark,Luke, John)

33 Eagle Lectern

34 War Memorial Window (David, Gideon, Joshua, St George)

35 1914-1919 War Memorial to the Dead

36 Memorial plaque to Marjorie Burns

37 1914-1919 War Memorial to the Dead, Wounded and those serving 

38 Plaque to those killed in 1914-1919  and 1939-1945

39 Revd Thomas Murphy Oldfield Window Jesus teaching in the temple

40 Revd Thomas Murphy Oldfield Plaque

41 Old Banner of St George

42 Window showing St Paul addressing King Agrippa

“Almost thou persuadest me to be a christian” (Acts 26.28)


Outside there is also the gravestone of the First Member of Parliament and a number of Commonwealth War Graves






























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