Date of Death   Age at Death Date of Birth
1-Aug-1956 Norman Wood 41 13-Apr-1915
1-Aug-2000 Jesse Brierley 74 3-Mar-1926
1-Aug-2018 Jim Powell 80 23-Mar-1938
2-Aug-1991 Patricia Anne Southerin 43 4-Nov-1947
2-Aug-1991 John David Southerin 8 17-Feb-1983
3-Aug-1982 Florence Newton 79 17-Nov-1902
3-Aug-1982 Anthony Wray 42 14-Mar-1940
3-Aug-1996 Ellen Cooper 82 14-May-1914
3-Aug-2015 Doreen May Winifred Tomlin 80 5-Jun-1935
4-Aug-1990 William Smith 74 15-Nov-1915
4-Aug-2013 Agnes Swindells 93 17-May-1920
5-Aug-1956 George Buckley 59 6-Jun-1897
5-Aug-1984 Thomas Hudson 82 16-Jun-1902
6-Aug-1976 Norman Holt 50 20-Jul-1926
6-Aug-1998 Mary Turner 76 2-Jan-1922
6-Aug-2015 Margaret Butterworth 83 14-Sep-1931
8-Aug-1988 Olive Greenwood 80 19-Apr-1908
8-Aug-2013 Esther Mary Osgood 79 3-Feb-1934
8-Aug-2018 Rosemary Alice Webster 97 10-Jun-1921
9-Aug-1993 Elsie Andrews 96 4-Mar-1897
9-Aug-1989 Ethel Rebecca Hirst 80 12-Dec-1908
9-Aug-2013 May Longden 93 14-May-1920
10-Aug-1997 Louis Vickers 71 2-Jan-1926
11-Aug-1951 Amanda Jane Sedgwick 2 days 9-Aug-1951
11-Aug-1958 Joseph Parkinson 84 20-Sep-1873
11-Aug-1987 Bernard Gudgeon 60 27-Jul-1927
11-Aug-1990 Beatrice Newton 79 27-Jul-1911
13-Aug-1990 Vera Lydiate 87 19-Aug-1902
14-Aug-1975 Edward Barlow 71 4-Jul-1904
14-Aug-2006 Hugh Darbyshire 80 14-Oct-1925
14-Aug-2009 Mildred Standing 90 11-Aug-1919
15-Aug-1942 William Frederick Ireson 72 12-Mar-1870
15-Aug-1985 Ellen Mawdsley 75 13-Mar-1910
15-Aug-2007 Ann Dunn 85 29-Apr-1922
16-Aug-1938 Walker Ratcliffe 70 24-Apr-1868
16-Aug-1982 Colin Mark Press 20 13-Sep-1961
16-Aug-1997 Gertrude Ireson 87 2-Jul-1910
16-Aug-2016 Joan Etches 61 21-Apr-1955
17-Aug-1985 Arthur Cottrill 60 16-Apr-1925
20-Aug-1998 Fred Wrigley 80 30-Jan-1918
20-Aug-2003 Rose Kemp 95 4-May-1908
20-Aug-2006 Richard Arthur de Yarburgh-Bateson (6th Lord Deramore) 95 9-Apr-1911
21-Aug-1979 Richard Grantham 55 1-Oct-1923
21-Aug-1997 Mary Maddock 88 21-Oct-1908
21-Aug-1981 Adele Ann Clifford 11 days 10-Aug-1981
21-Aug-2019 Stanley Joseph Quest 76 8-Dec-1942
23-Aug-1964 Jack Mitchell Wadsworth 46 21-Jan-1918
23-Aug-1997 Charles Horner 84 3-Jan-1913
24-Aug-2017 John Darbyshire 70 17-Jul-1947
25-Aug-1975 Florence Mary Gee 84 10-Sep-1890
25-Aug-1991 Ernest Lomas 65 19-Mar-1926
25-Aug-1994 Harry Swindells 74 22-Aug-1920
26-Aug-1988 Adam Kirk Gordon Tye 2 days 24-Aug-1988
26-Aug-1998 Frederick Cook 82 21-May-1916
27-Aug-1966 Martin James Sweeney 59 31-Jul-1907
27-Aug-2001 Joan Roberts 74 22-Apr-1927
27-Aug-2004 Joan Cathrine Hartnett 73 12-Jun-1931
27-Aug-2007 Owen Bartley 82 2-Jun-1925
29-Aug-1981 Frank Charlesworth 65 28-Mar-1916
29-Aug-1994 Marion Styan 50 1-Sep-1943
30-Aug-1982 Peter Steven Turnbull 5 29-Sep-1976
30-Aug-1999 Harold Davenport 79 21-Nov-1919
30-Aug-2010 Mona Jones 84 29-Oct-1925
31-Aug-1989 John Cowman 33 7-Mar-1956
31-Aug-2010 Jean Cooper 72 1-Oct-1937
31-Aug-1994 Diane Bardsley 50 20-Mar-1944
31-Aug-2013 William Beard Hadfield 82  2-May-1931